Best of Grand Bahama

The best way to explore the island of Freeport!

Depart the harbor listening to our driver's historical remarks, you will learn how Freeport was born from an industrial era and flourished recently into a business and tourism destination.

Your first stop will be a local hand crafted souvenir factory, you will have the chance to see how locals produce candle with great scents, paintings on sand dollars, spices & hot sauces that are a tradition and learn the process of how Bahamians make their famous Rum Cake.


Dolphins in Pool

Explore the Island

Drive to the Rand Nature Center, a local museum and library where you can read on the walls a brief history of the Bahamas from its first Lucayan Indians, find three endemic species of animals and Hawksbill turtle fossils. Your guide will take you through a few rocky paths in the Caribbean pine forest to see and learn about the local flora making a quick stop at a manmade pond where turtles live now days.



Dolphin HugRelax on the Beach

Enjoy some free time at Port Lucaya Marketplace and browse through stores before being transferred to a Beach Club. Spent 1.5 hours soaking the sun, buy a fresh conch salad, fried fish or stroll along the beach enjoying water inflatable toys, beach volleyball, giant chess and local music.